Koek koek!!

design for smeerboel 2013

rise from the flames

thirtysevendegrees assisted circus karavana in the making of “de lichtstaart van de feniks” this spectacle show was performed in Rotterdam Overschie.
Among other things we created the structure to hold the counterbalance which provided the flight of the feniks.


For Defqon 2009, thirtysevendegrees created the concept art for this monstrosity.


Concept for robot-like structure for a free party,. made of aluminium scaff wich is not very suitable for this type of structures,. ( but was the only thing at hand) anyway although it never made it’, id like to think it was possible with more time on our hands. :)
maybe later..



let’s go for a ride!,.

Concept, visualization and structure design for the Back 2 School area on theDecibel Outdoor festival 2009. Inspired by Melbourne’s Luna park, this was the carnival area in the city that’s the decibel festival. We build the scaff structure together with the guy’s from JAM steigerbouw .



some blurry, noisy video impression



power of 3

latest reincarnation of the triangular scaff construction. This time rigged as the techno stage for Ontspoord-Festival in Delft.


The V.logger Festival in Vlaardingen. For this spectacle theater production we helped out the amazing circus Karavana. with as much as possible. e.g. constructing the boat. building the stage..  (and even playing a role in the final show,.. whoehoe!), 


raveland.A mind-blowing 3 day electronic music festival near Gent, Belgium 
thirtysevendegrees proudly designed and build the “old leaking acid factory” that were to be the main stage of this underground dance music lovers treat..